Longer Curtain for Curved Bathe Rod? Dimension, Distance and Measurement

Do I Want a Longer Bathe Curtain for a Curved Rod?

You have to surprise if the curved rod you will have put in or seeking to set up wants a correspondingly lengthy bathe curtain to finish the modified look of your toilet area. You aren’t alone. With vital potential modifications comes glorious expectations; due to this fact, it’s anticipated that your thought turns to the size of the bathe curtain that most closely fits your curved bathe rod.

Curved bathe rods are supposed to add luxurious, type, and area to your toilet area. Nevertheless, their targets is probably not achieved if you don’t select the correct curtain that goes with them. As an illustration, how a lot of a let-down is it in case your bathe curtains don’t attain the tip of your curved rod, regardless of stretching them to their restrict? Keep in mind that the fantastic thing about a bathe curtain primarily lies in the way it drapes.

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Additionally, wouldn’t or not it’s higher to purchase a brand new and extra applicable bathe curtain to keep away from the embarrassing odor of mildew in your toilet and keep away from the harmful accident of falling on a tiled toilet ground? With the correct instruments and data, you’ll be able to shortly get and set up the correct bathe curtain for a curved rod very quickly.

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Whereas your curved bathe rod supplies extra space than the straight bathe rods, it’s only anticipated that you’ll require a lengthier bathe curtain to fully cowl the attain of the curved rod and have sufficient further size to emphasise its drape and putting impact in your bathtub area. Nevertheless, there are another issues in regards to the bathe curtains you want for a curved rod.

curved shower rod
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What Dimension Bathe Curtain Do I Want For a Curved Rod?

With a straight bathe rod, the dimensions of the curtain you utilize with it has to agree with the dimensions of your bathe opening. The larger your bathe opening, the longer the straight rod you need to set up and the longer the bathe curtain that covers the bathe opening, too. With a curved rod, utilizing the identical bathe opening measurement, the size measurement of your bathe curtain doesn’t essentially have to vary so long as the curve of the bathe rod doesn’t protrude out of the bathe opening too far.

straight shower rod
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A curved bathe rod can be lengthier than a straight rod. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply the bathe curtain must be longer. So long as the bathe curtain can cowl the size of the curved rod, there can be no must get an extended bathe curtain. Nevertheless, in case your final bathe curtain doesn’t drape, and it is advisable to have that fashionable look you noticed in that lodge, you’ll have to accumulate an extra-width bathe curtain.

The bathe curtain size might stay the identical, so long as it doesn’t permit water spills to get to the ground and might simply attain the partitions of the bathe tub. Nevertheless, the size could be a problem if the curved bathe rod is put in greater than the straight bathe rod.

traight shower rod
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If in case you have a regular bathe curtain that you simply used along with your straight rod, likelihood is it’ll work properly along with your curved rod, too. Though it could produce lesser drapes, it’ll adequately cowl the attain of the curved rod. Additionally, in case your bathe opening is costlier than what the usual 72 x 70 inches bathe curtain can cowl, buy a 72 x 96 inches curtain. You solely should get the curved rod nearer to the ceiling, and also you’ll get a greater attain for the ends of the rod and a greater drape.

standard shower curtain curved rod
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How Far Does a Curved Bathe Rod Stick Out?

With a curved bathe rod, there’s the likelihood that the area outdoors the bathe can be lowered, particularly in case your toilet is tiny. Subsequently, you must understand how far the curved bathe rod will stick out. That can assist you verify how near the bathe wall you must set up the bathe rod.

How far the curved bathe rod stands proud is dependent upon the quantity of curve on the bathe rod. Normally, the size of a curved bathe rod is similar because the size of a straight bathe rod when putting in because the width of the bathe wall doesn’t change. Nevertheless, the curve on a bathe rod can quantity to some further size.

curved shower rod sticks
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Usually, it’s advisable to put in a curved bathe rod 3 inches nearer to the bathe partitions to permit for a similar area outdoors the bathe as if a straight rod was put in. Because of this the curve on a curved bathe rod is roughly 3 inches when projected to be according to a straight rod. This lets you scale back area encroachment outdoors the bathe.

curved shower rod 3 inches closer to the shower walls
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Easy methods to Measure For a Curved Bathe Rod

A curved bathe rod is a extra particular bathe accent than the straight rod, so it wants extra consideration to element. Usually, a curved object is predicted to be lengthier than its straight counterpart. A misjudgment within the size of a curved bathe rod might result in sophisticated set up and faulty bathe overlaying, making water escape the bathe and into open areas. To keep away from such, it’s essential to observe these pointers to measure your curved bathe rod precisely.

curved shower rod is a more special
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Measure Each Partitions

Your bathe is an enclosure as a result of it has three partitions – one behind it and two by its sides. Your first step is to measure the peak that you simply want your curved bathe rod to be within the bathe. Measure the peak of the showerhead to the highest of the bathtub. Normally, the showerhead is 6 ft above the bathtub. Your curved rod needs to be on the identical degree because the showerhead.

Measure the peak of every side-wall to be the identical top because the showerhead. To find out that precisely, add the peak of the bathtub partitions – which is normally about 14 inches deep – to the peak distinction between the showerhead and the ground.

Round curved shower rod
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Mark the Partitions

Repeat the precise measurement in step 1 on the alternative wall and ensure they align. Mark the peak you need the curved bathe rod to be on every wall with a chalk or marker, relying on the character of the partitions.

Report Measurement

Report the measurements you get from one finish of a side-wall to the opposite. This may remind you of what it is advisable to shoot for when putting in your curved bathe rod. Alternatively, it’s possible you’ll bring it to mind.

Record the measurement
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Measure and Regulate the Curved Bathe Rod

Take away the bathe rod from its package deal and unfold it on the ground. Most curved bathe rods should not absolutely prolonged for the sake of straightforward packaging; due to this fact, you’ll have to unscrew some components to get yours to its total size. Some may be so long as 60 inches.

Recall the measurement you will have recorded or memorized. Along with your measuring tape connected to 1 finish of the curved bathe rod, lengthen it to the suitable measure level (the measurement you will have recorded). If the curved bathe rod doesn’t meet the measurement, lengthen it until it does. Additionally, the bathe rod could also be longer than the measurement. Chances are you’ll use a hacksaw to chop it to the specified size or compress the size.

Measure and Adjust the curved shower rod
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How Far Into the Tub Ought to a Bathe Curtain Hold?

You have to get the match of the bathe curtain, by way of how shut or removed from the bathe tub it needs to be, proper. In case you set up the bathe curtain too near the bathtub, it disturbs the bathe expertise by clinging to your physique whilst you bathe. Additionally, whether it is too removed from the bathtub, it permits water to flee to the ground and outdoors the bathe area, inflicting the flooring to be slippery or permitting mildew progress.

close or far from the shower tub
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To keep away from these, the bathe curtain needs to be on the correct distance from the bathtub and never trigger an encroachment of area outdoors the bathe area. Earlier on this article, we have now talked about how far the curved bathe rod ought to stick out. That part is essential as a result of it influences how far the bathe curtain hangs into the bathtub. For the reason that bathe curtain is suspended from the bathe rod, it determines how shut or far the curtain is to the bathtub.

shower curtain with proper distance from the tub
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Subsequently, the bathe curtain also needs to be 3 inches from the bathtub and have sufficient size that reaches into the bathtub to discourage water from splashing on the ground. This implies the usual measurement of a bathe curtain – 72 inches – can be enough for a curved bathe rod, and the tip of the bathe curtain size can be within the tub, redirecting splashes of water into the bathtub.

Ideally, a bathe curtain can attain about half the size of the bathtub depth, which is 7 – 8 inches. Nevertheless, it may well additionally lengthen to about 10 inches however mustn’t contact the bathtub’s ground to keep away from accidents which will occur for those who step on the curtain.

Shower curtain 3 inches from the tub
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Curved bathe rods are an enchancment over straight bathe rods as they supply higher area for you within the bathe and provides your toilet a greater and opulent look that may solely be matched by what you see in lots of motels. Nevertheless, putting in one requires that you’ve got the right data to keep away from nonexistent points if you used straight bathe rods.

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Regardless of the curve on a curved bathe rod, you don’t essentially want a novel bathe curtain to achieve the ends of the curved bathe rod. A regular bathe curtain will work effective on a curved bathe rod.

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